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About Fast Facts for Kids

About Fast Facts for Kids

We provide a unique online learning resource for students, teachers, and parents. All our published facts, data and information is 100% free. We do not require anyone to create an account to access our online learning resource. Our primary mission is to make it simple and fast to find the facts you need, in a safe and secure environment. You can also rest assure that our content is researched thoroughly before publication. We believe in promoting content that is backed by proven scientific methods and/or from reputable sources. Fast Facts for Kids is here to provide you facts and information you can trust.

The concept behind Fast Facts for Kids was created back in 2019 when the founder launched a different educational resource for kids, parents, and teachers. It was very successful and ended up being sold to a third-party group. The founder watched it turn into another website loaded with ads, which sole purpose was to generate profit, instead of educating. In 2022, that same founder decided to build another online learning resource that was even more simple and helpful. Thus, Fast Facts for Kids was born.

Research at Fast Facts for Kids

We believe accurate, scientifically proven facts and data are key to the success of Fast Facts for Kids. Many similar and/or competing websites publish facts, information and data that is invalid. We believe this happens because many of them copy their facts from non-reputable websites. At Fast Facts for Kids, we only publish content that has been thoroughly researched and validate from a reputable source. This ensures our users have accurate facts, information, and data. That’s why our team spends so much time researching our categories, topics, and sub-topics prior to publication.

If you come across anything published on our website that you feel is inaccurate, please report it to us. Our data comes from sources in the educational entities, government data sources and scientific organizations. However, on occasion even they don’t have the latest accurate information. That’s why encourage our users to report any fact, data point or piece of information they feel is inaccurate. We review all reported inaccuracy requests and will continue to improve the content published on Fast Facts for Kids.

Research Done by Fast Facts for Kids