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Welcome to our Animal Facts category, an online learning resource where you can learn about the many different animal genera and species. This category is perfect for students, teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to learn about animals. We’re providing you with one of the largest collections of animal facts available on the internet. All the animal facts, data and information published to our website have been thoroughly researched and validate. However, no process is perfect, so if you do find any inaccuracies in our facts about animals, please report it to us.

You can access all animal topics using the below drop down menu or by selecting one from the list underneath the down menu. This category contains animal related topics, such as dogs, cats, horses, sharks and cheetahs. Many of these topics have additional sub-topics when necessary. For example, the shark topic has several sub-topics, such as great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, and bull sharks. If we don’t currently cover the animal topic you’re looking for, contact us and request its addition.

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Bald Eagle Facts - A Bald Eagle Taking Off

Bald Eagle Facts

This section is all about bald eagles. Discover some interesting facts about bald eagles, such as where are bald eagles found, what do bald eagles eat, how do they hunt and other bald eagle facts.

Bald Eagle Facts for Kids

Bat Facts - A bat flying in the air.

Bat Facts

This section is all about bats. Discover some amazing facts about bats, such as how many bat species there are, how big bats can get, what bats eat, where bats live and other bat facts.

Bat Facts for Kids

Cat Facts - An Orange Cat in Grass

Cat Facts

This section is all about cats. Discover some cute facts about cats, such as when were cats domesticated, how many cat breeds currently exist, how smart cats are and other cat facts.

Cat Facts for Kids

Dolphin Facts - A Dolphin Jumping

Dolphin Facts

This section is all about dolphins. Discover some fun facts about dolphins, such as where dolphins can be found, what dolphins eat, how smart are dolphins and other dolphin facts.

Dolphin Facts for Kids

Elephant Facts - Mother and Baby Elephant

Elephant Facts

This section is all about elephants. Discover some enormous facts about elephants, such as what do elephants eat, how big elephants can get, where elephants can be found and other elephant facts.

Elephant Facts for Kids

Lion Facts - Male Lion in the Savannah

Lion Facts

This section is all about lions. Discover some crazy facts about lions, such as where are lions found, what a lion pride is, how lions hunt food, how endanger lions are and other lion facts.

Lion Facts for Kids

Penguin Facts - Penguin Sitting on a Rock

Penguin Facts

This section is all about penguins. Discover some beautiful facts about penguins, such as where penguins live, what do penguins eat, what are the different types of penguins and other penguin facts.

Penguin Facts for Kids

Shark Facts - A Shark in the Water

Shark Facts

This section is all about sharks. Discover some fascinating facts about sharks, such as how many species of sharks are there, how big can sharks get, what do sharks eat and other shark facts.

Shark Facts for Kids

An animal is one of millions of multicellular eukaryotic organisms that are members of the Animalia biological kingdom. It’s estimated more than seven million different animals have been on our planet, living or extinct. To date, people have scientifically described more than 1.5 million living animals. To be classified as an animal it needs to breath oxygen, consume organic material (heterotroph), be able to move on its own (mobility) and reproduction of the species requires a male and a female. An animal can be as small as 8.5 micrometers or as large as 110 feet. Animals can have one of three diets, they can eat just (herbivore), they can eat just meat (carnivore) or eat both plants and meat (omnivore).

Animal can be found everywhere on Earth, no matter the location or climate. Some animals live in hot, tropical environments, while others live in dry, polar environments. In hot, tropical habitats near the equator you can find monkeys. In cold, dry habitats near the poles you can find penguins. In high altitude habitats on mountains, you can find mountain goats. In the ocean, below sea level you can find sharks and jellyfish. Animals have had hundreds of millions of years to evolve and survive in any environment. There isn’t any habitat on our planet that isn’t called home by at least one animal species.