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Raccoon Facts for Kids

Raccoon Facts for Kids

  • Common Name: Raccoon
  • Binomial Name: Procyon lotor
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Procyonidae
  • Range: Asia, Europe and North America
  • First Appeared: ~25 million years ago

19 Raccoon Facts For Kids

  1. The common raccoon is a small to medium sized mammal that is a member of the Procyon genus and Procyonidae family.
  2. The common raccoon is one of the three living species of raccoons in the Procyon genus.
  3. Procyon lotor is the scientific binomial name for the common raccoon.
  4. You can identify a common raccoon by their black mask covering their eyes and bushy tail with black rings.
  5. There is no official count of the worldwide common raccoon population but based on population density samples there are estimated to be millions living worldwide.
  6. The native habitat range for the common raccoon is North America, but it has been introduced to Asia and Europe.
  7. Common raccoons prefer a habitat that is wooded and has a high number of beech trees.
  8. Common raccoons are omnivorous, which means they eat both meat and plant materials.
  9. The diet of the common raccoon usually includes 33% plant material and 67% meat material based on field studies.
  10. The diet of the common raccoon includes, but is not limited to acorns, amphibians, crustaceans, eggs (bird and reptile), fruit, insects, nuts, and worms.
  11. The average bodyweight of the common raccoon is between 10 and 30 pounds.
  12. The average body length of the common raccoon is between 16 and 28 inches (excluding the tail).
  13. The average shoulder height of the common raccoon is between 9 and 12 inches.
  14. The average tail length of the common raccoon is between 8 and 16 inches.
  15. The average lifespan of the common raccoon is between 1 and 3 years, but in captivity they can live much longer.
  16. Common raccoons are quite intelligent, and studies have shown they can remember the solution to a problem for at least three years.
  17. The common raccoon is a furbearer animal, and their pelts use to be prized for the look and feel.
  18. Common raccoons have adapted to be able to live in urban areas, causing them to become a pest to humans.
  19. The common raccoon is also dangerous in urban areas due to their ability to transmit the rabies virus.

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Raccoon Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the below images will be helpful for your research on raccoons. Below are three pictures of various raccoons. These pictures should help you better understand what a raccoon looks like.

The Common Raccoon (Procyon Lotor)

A picture of the common raccoon (procyon lotor).

Raccoon Showing Its Teeth

A picture of raccoon showing its teeth.

A Baby Raccoon

A picture of a baby raccoon.

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