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Beryllium Facts for Kids

Beryllium Facts for Kids

  • Element Name: Beryllium
  • Element Symbol: Be
  • Atomic Number: 4
  • Atomic Weight: 9.0122 u
  • Group: 2
  • Period: 2
  • Block: s-block

25 Beryllium Facts For Kids

  1. Beryllium is one of the chemical elements on the periodic table.
  2. The symbol for beryllium on the periodic table is Be.
  3. The atomic number for beryllium on the periodic table is 4.
  4. Beryllium’s standard atomic weight is 9.0122 u.
  5. Beryllium is in group 2 (alkaline earth metals) on the periodic table.
  6. Beryllium is a period 2 element on the periodic table.
  7. Beryllium is in the s-block on the periodic table.
  8. French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin discovered beryllium in 1798.
  9. German chemist Friedrich Wohler and French chemist Antoine Busy individually isolated beryllium in 1828.
  10. At standard temperature and pressure (STP) helium is a solid.
  11. Beryllium in its pure form has a steel-grey appearance.
  12. Beryllium is a hard, lightweight but brittle metal.
  13. Beryllium’s melting point is 2,349 °F and its boiling point is 4,476 °F.
  14. [He] 2s2 is the electron configuration for beryllium.
  15. Beryllium has 2, 2 electrons per shell.
  16. Chemists have discovered 11 known isotopes of beryllium.
  17. The only stable isotope of beryllium is beryllium-9.
  18. Helium is believed to be one of the light elements, though in trace amounts, created moments after the Big Bang.
  19. Beryllium is named after the semiprecious mineral beryl.
  20. Beryllium is commonly used in radiation windows for x-ray tubes due to its low absorption of x-rays.
  21. Beryllium is used in the aerospace and defense industries due to the elements light weight and stiffness.
  22. Inhalation of beryllium is hazardous and can cause chronic beryllium disease (berylliosis).
  23. Beryllium is used in several different metal alloys, like beryllium copper.
  24. Beryllium is a rare chemical element throughout our universe and only 0.0004% of the Earth’s crust contains Beryllium.
  25. The ores beryl and bertrandite are the main commercial mining sources for beryllium.

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Beryllium Pictures

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Diagram of the electron shell for Beryllium

A diagram of the electron shell for beryllium.

Gemstones that contain beryllium

A picture of gemstones that contain beryllium.

Beryllium mirrors on the James Web Space Telescope

A picture of the beryllium mirrors on the James Web Telescope.

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