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Nitrogen Facts for Kids

Nitrogen Facts for Kids

  • Element Name: Nitrogen
  • Element Symbol: N
  • Atomic Number: 7
  • Atomic Weight: 14.007 u
  • Group: 15
  • Period: 2
  • Block: p-block

26 Nitrogen Facts For Kids

  1. Nitrogen is one of the chemical elements on the periodic table.
  2. The symbol for nitrogen on the periodic table is N.
  3. The atomic number for nitrogen on the periodic table is 7.
  4. Nitrogen’s standard atomic weight is 14.007 u.
  5. Nitrogen is in group 15 (nitrogen group) on the periodic table.
  6. Nitrogen is a period 2 element on the periodic table.
  7. Nitrogen is in the p-block on the periodic table.
  8. Scottish chemist Daniel Rutherford discovered nitrogen in 1772.
  9. French chemist Jean-Antoine Chaptal gave the chemical element nitrogen its name in 1790.
  10. At standard temperature and pressure (STP) nitrogen is a gas.
  11. Nitrogen’s melting point is -345 °F and its boiling point is -320 °F.
  12. [He] 2s2 2p3 is the electron configuration for nitrogen.
  13. Nitrogen has 2, 5 electrons per shell.
  14. Chemists have discovered 16 known isotopes of nitrogen.
  15. The two stable isotopes of nitrogen are nitrogen-14 and nitrogen-15.
  16. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.
  17. Nitrogen itself isn’t toxic, but it can cause asphyxiation in great quantities due to its ability to displace air.
  18. The two stable isotopes of nitrogen are nitrogen-14 and nitrogen-15.
  19. Nitrogen is the lightest chemical element in group 15 on the periodic table.
  20. The majority of the Earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen (about 78%).
  21. About 3% of the human body’s mass is nitrogen.
  22. Nitrogen is used in food packaging to help retain extend its shelf life, this is also known as nitrogenating.
  23. Fire suppression systems used to protective sensitive equipment use nitrogen gas.
  24. Nitrogen is used when manufacturing the iron alloy stainless steel.
  25. Nitrous oxide is a nitrogen compound used as an alternate anesthetic in dentistry.
  26. Race cars and aircrafts tires are inflated with nitrogen to reduce inconsistent expansion and contraction problems.

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Nitrogen Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the below images will be helpful for your research on the chemical element nitrogen. Below are three various pictures related to nitrogen. These pictures should help you better understand nitrogen, an element on the periodic table of elements.

Diagram of the electron shell for Nitrogen

A diagram of the electron shell for nitrogen.

A diagram of the nitrogen cycle

A diagram of the nitrogen cycle.

A storage tank for liquid nitrogen

A picture of a storage tank for liquid nitrogen.

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