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Europasaurus Facts for Kids

Europasaurus Facts for Kids

  • Common Name: Europasaurus
  • Dinosaur Type: Sauropod
  • Type Species: Europasaurus holgeri
  • Total Species: 1
  • Diet: Herbivorous (Ate Vegetation)
  • Period: Late Jurassic Period
  • Description: A Giant Sauropod Herbivore

16 Europasaurus Facts For Kids

  1. The Europasaurus was a dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period.
  2. Europasaurus was a large quadrupedal sauropod.
  3. The Europasaurus was herbivorous and ate plant matter (foliage, vegetation, etc.).
  4. You pronounce the name Europasaurus by saying: “yoo-roh-pah-sore-us”.
  5. The meaning of the dinosaur name Europasaurus is “Europe lizard”.
  6. There is only one species of Europasaurus recognized by paleontologists.
  7. The binomial species name for the Europasaurus is Europasaurus holgeri.
  8. Fossil collector Holger Ludtke was the first person to discover a Europasaurus specimen in 1998.
  9. Portuguese paleontologist Octavio Mateus was first to scientifically describe a Europasaurus specimen in 2006.
  10. The holotype specimen for Europasaurus is DFMMh/FV 291.
  11. The Europasaurus was estimated to have an average body length around 20 feet.
  12. The Europasaurus was estimated to have an average body weight around 1,650 pounds.
  13. The Europasaurus is one of the smallest sauropod dinosaurs, only 25 to 33% the size of its relative the Brachiosaurus.
  14. Octavio Mateus gave Europasaurus its scientific name in honor of the amateur fossil collector who discovered it.
  15. The small size of the Europasaurus compared to other sauropods was due to insular dwarfism caused by their isolation on islands within the Lower Saxony basin.
  16. The Europasaurus benefited from its island isolation, there were a lack of predators that could hunt them as adults.
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Europasaurus Pictures

There is a saying that claims a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true then the below images will help you with your research on the Europasaurus. The below you will find three pictures related to the Europasaurus dinosaur. These pictures should give you a bettering understanding of the Europasaurus and what it may have looked like.

A Europasaurus Walking In A Desert

A picture of a Europasaurus walking in a desert.

Two Europasaurus In A Forest

A picture of two Europasaurus in a forest.

A Large Europasaurus Herd

A picture of a large Europasaurus herd.

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