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Hypernova Facts for Kids

Hypernova Facts for Kids

  • Common Name: Hypernova or Collapsar
  • Description: A Powerful Supernova of a Massive Star (>30 Solar Masses)
  • IAU Standard Prefix: SN
  • Astronomical Event Type: Very Energetic Transient Astronomical Event
  • Hypernova Energy: 5 to 50 Times More than a Supernova
  • Hypernova Luminosity : 10 to 100 Times More than a Supernova
  • First Hypernova Discovered: SN 1998bw (April 26th, 1998)

12 Hypernova Facts For Kids

  1. Hypernova is the name of a very powerful supernova caused by the extreme core-collapse of a massive star.
  2. Hypernovae are also sometimes referred to as collapsars.
  3. A hypernova is considered one of the most powerful explosions in the known Universe.
  4. Hypernova explosions are an order of magnitude brighter and more powerful than most supernovae.
  5. Hypernovae can only be caused by massive stars that are at least 30 times larger than our Sun.
  6. The material ejected by a hypernova explosion can reach speeds up to 99% the speed of light.
  7. A hypernova explosion will result in the creation of a rotating black hole with an accretion disk and two energetic jets.
  8. Hypernova explosions are believed to be one of the sources of long gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in our Universe.
  9. The primary source of hypernova explosions is believed to be core collapses of blue supergiant stars (BSG).
  10. The first hypernova explosion to be discovered was SN 1998bw and was detected on April 26th, 1998.
  11. The strongest hypernova explosion to be discovered was SN 2016aps and was detected on February 22nd, 2016.
  12. There is a minority hypothesis that believes the Late Ordovician mass extinction (LOME) may have been caused by a GRB from a hypernova explosion.

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Hypernova Pictures

Pictures are one of the best ways for people to learning about something. That is why we are providing you with the below images to help you with your research on hypernovas. Below you will find three pictures that represent hypernovas. These pictures should help you better understand hypernovas and what they look like.

Hypernova Explosion Of A Massive Star

A picture of a hypernova explosion of a massive star.

Hypernova Created Black Hole

A picture of a hypernova created black hole.

Black Hole Created By A Supernova

A picture of a black hole created by a supernova.

Hypernova Resources

Hopefully the above hypernova facts, data, stats, and pictures were helpful with your research. If you need to continue researching hypernovas you can use one of the below websites. We selected the below websites for their credibility and accurate data on hypernovas.