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Wormhole Facts for Kids

Wormhole Facts for Kids

  • Hypothesis Name: Wormhole
  • Hypothesis Other Names: Einstein-Rosen Bridge
  • Hypothesis Description: A structure that connects two points in spacetime
  • Hypothesis Creator: German-born physicist Albert Einstein
  • Hypothesis Evidence: Solutions in complex physics equations
  • Hypothesis Applications: Faster-than-light travel, Time travel, and Interuniverse travel
  • Hypothesis Name Coined by: American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler

15 Wormhole Facts For Kids

  1. A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel that can connect two different points in spacetime.
  2. Another name for a wormhole is an Einstein-Rosen bridge.
  3. They are called Einstein-Rosen bridges because German-born theoretical physicist and American-Israeli physicist Nathan Rosen proposed the idea of bridges through spacetime using the theory of general relativity in 1935.
  4. Wormholes are based on a special solution of Einstein’s field equations for (EFE) for general relativity.
  5. You can imagine a wormhole as a tunnel that connects two different points in spacetime.
  6. Wormholes are predicted in mathematical equations but remain hypothetical until one is actual observed.
  7. Theoretical physicist Hermann Weyl created the first wormhole hypothesis in 1928, however Weyl did not use the term wormhole, instead he used the phrase one-dimensional tubes.
  8. The term wormhole was coined in 1957 by American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler based on Hermann Weyl’s work.
  9. In theory, a wormhole can connect two points of spacetime that are billions of light-years away, at different points in time, or even an alternate universe.
  10. A wormhole that matter could travel through is called a traversable wormhole.
  11. Wormholes could be a method for humans to travel across the universe with need technology to reach near the speed of light.
  12. Humans could in theory use a wormhole to travel millions or billions of light-years in a fraction of the time.
  13. Traveling through a wormhole in theory could also allow humans to travel through time.
  14. Another wormhole theory is humans could use it to travel between universes if both the multiverse and wormholes really exist,
  15. Wormholes are popular in fictional movies and television, like Stargate, Farscape, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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