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Welcome to our Weather Facts category, an online learning resource where you can learn about the many different weather related events and phenomena. This category is perfect for students, teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to learn about the weather. We’re providing you with one of the largest collections of weather facts available on the internet. All the weather facts, data and information published to our website have been thoroughly researched and validate. However, no process is perfect, so if you do find any inaccuracies in our facts about weather, please report it to us.

You can access all our weather related topics using the below drop down menu or by selecting one from the list underneath the down menu. This category contains weather related topics, such as droughts, hail, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. Many of these topics have additional sub-topics when necessary. For example, the tornado topic has several sub-topics, such as tornado records, tornado myths and historic tornadoes. If we don’t currently cover the weather topic you’re looking for, contact us and request its addition.

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Blizzard Facts - A Truck in a Blizzard

Blizzard Facts

This section is all about blizzards. Discover some amazing facts about blizzards, such as what is a blizzard, the conditions that are required for a blizzard, why blizzards are dangerous and other blizzard facts.

Blizzard Facts for Kids

Cloud Facts - Clouds in the Sky

Cloud Facts

This section is all about clouds. Discover some cool facts about clouds, such as how clouds form, why clouds are important to life on our planet, what are the different types of clouds and other cloud facts.

Cloud Facts for Kids

Drought Facts - Lake Bed Showing from a Drought

Drought Facts

This section is all about droughts. Discover some crazy facts about droughts, such as what causes a drought, how long a drought can last, how a drought can affect life over a large area and other drought facts.

Drought Facts for Kids

Dust Storm - A Large Dust Storm in the Desert

Dust Storm Facts

This section is all about dust storms. Discover some fun facts about dust storms, such as what can cause a dust storm, type of damaged caused by dust storms, how often they occur and other dust storm facts.

Dust Storm Facts for Kids

Flood Facts - A Flooded Roadway

Flood Facts

This section is all about floods. Discover some astonishing facts about floods, such as what can cause a flood, why flooding can be dangerous, the type of damage caused by flooding and other flood facts.

Flood Facts for Kids

Fog Facts - Cars Driving in the Fog

Fog Facts

This section is all about fog. Discover some neat facts about fog, such as what fog is, what causes fog to form, the different types of fog, what cities have the most fog and other fog facts.

Fog Facts for Kids

Hail Facts - Hailstones in Some Grass

Hail Facts

This section is all about hail. Discover some shocking facts about hail, such as what causes a hailstorm, how big hailstones can get, how much damage hail can cause and other hail facts.

Hail Facts for Kids

Heat Wave - Block the Hot Sun

Heat Wave Facts

This section is all about heat waves. Discover some hot facts about heat waves, such as what creates a heat wave, how long heat waves last, why heat waves are deadly and other heat wave facts.

Heat Wave Facts for Kids

Hurricane Facts - Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Facts

This section is all about hurricanes. Discover some unbelievable facts about hurricanes, such as how hurricanes form, how power they can be, how they are deadly, where they occur and other hurricane facts.

Hurricane Facts for Kids

Ice Storm Facts - Tree Covered in Ice

Ice Storm Facts

This section is all about ice storms. Discover some chilling facts about ice storms, such as what causes an ice storm, the damage an ice storm can cause, how to stay safe in an ice storm and other ice storm facts.

Ice Storm Facts for Kids

Lightning Facts - Lightning in the Sky

Lightning Facts

This section is all about lightning. Discover some shocking facts about lightning, such as what lightning is, what causes lighting, how lightning can be dangerous and other lightning facts.

Lightning Facts for Kids

Polar Vortex - Chicago, Illinois During a Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex Facts

This section is all about polar vortexes. Discover some icy facts about polar vortexes, such as what a polar vortex is, what causes a polar vortex, how cold a polar vortex can get and other polar vortex facts.

Polar Vortex Facts for Kids

Precipitation Facts - Condensation on a Window from Precipitation

Precipitation Facts

This section is all about precipitation. Discover some mind blowing facts about precipitation, such as what causes precipitation, what are the different types of precipitation and other precipitation facts.

Precipitation Facts for Kids

Rain Facts - Car Driving in Heavy Rain

Rain Facts

This section is all about rain. Discover some fascinating facts about rain, such as how is rain formed, what clouds will typically have rain, how rain is a part of the water cycle and other rain facts.

Rain Facts for Kids

Rainbow Facts - A Rainbow in a Field

Rainbow Facts

This section is all about rainbows. Discover some beautiful facts about rainbows, such as what is a rainbow, how rainbows are created, what are the different types and other rainbow facts.

Rainbow Facts for Kids

Severe Weather - A severe thunderstorm in the distance

Severe Weather Facts

This section is all about severe weather. Discover some cool facts about severe weather, such as what weather events are considered severe, how often severe weather occurs and other severe weather facts.

Severe Weather Facts for Kids

Snow Facts - Snow Falling on a House

Snow Facts

This section is all about snow. Discover some wonderful facts about snow, such as what conditions cause it to snow, where it’s most likely to snow, past record breaking snowstorms and other snow facts.

Snow Facts for Kids

Temperature Facts - A thermometer in the sun

Temperature Facts

This section is all about temperature. Discover some interesting facts about temperature, such as what conditions can alter the temperature, the different ways it is measured and other temperature facts.

Temperature Facts for Kids

Thunder Facts - Thunder Over the Water

Thunder Facts

This section is all about thunder. Discover some amazing facts about thunder, such as how thunder is created, how far away thunder can be heard, the type of damage it could cause and other thunder facts.

Thunder Facts for Kids

Thunderstorm Facts - A Massive Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm Facts

This section is all about thunderstorms. Discover some jaw dropping facts about thunderstorms, such as how they form, what other weather events occur during a thunderstorm and other thunderstorm facts.

Thunderstorm Facts for Kids

Tornado Facts - A tornado in a field

Tornado Facts

This section is all about tornadoes. Discover some shocking facts about tornadoes, such as what causes a tornado to form, how tornado intensity is rated, where tornadoes occur the most and other tornado facts.

Tornado Facts for Kids

Wind Facts - Grass Blowing in the Wind

Wind Facts

This section is all about wind. Discover some crazy facts about win, such as what conditions create wind, the type of damage caused by wind, some of the craziest wind records in history and other wind facts.

Wind Facts for Kids

Weather is one of many types of events or phenomena that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere. The layer in the Earth’s atmosphere where most weather events occur is the troposphere. A person who researches weather is a meteorologist and went to school to study meteorology. Meteorologists can study, track, and predict weather using several different types of technology. For example, they use pulse-Doppler radar to find and track different types of weather events and metrics. Meteorologists play an important role in society by providing valuable information on weather conditions and climate change.

Weather plays an important role on this planet, but weather can also be extreme, violent, and deadly. It’s important because weather is the force behind precipitation (rain, snow, etc.). Without precipitation, our water cycle couldn’t function, making it difficult for life on this planet. Weather can also be violent and create events that can cause extreme damage and loss of life. Examples of violent weather are hurricanes and tornadoes. Both can cause billions of dollars of damage and create kill thousands of people in a single event. In this category you’ll find tons of facts for quite a few different weather events.