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Polar Vortex Facts for Kids

Polar Vortex Facts for Kids

The topic of this web page is polar vortex (a large region of cold polar air) and contains 13 polar vortex facts for kids. In addition to facts about polar vortexes, we provide you with some out of this world pictures of polar vortex conditions and alternate resources with information on polar vortexes. Our polar vortex facts will help you learn about them, what a polar vortex is, what causes a polar vortex and several other polar vortex facts.

Our facts about polar vortexes and other polar vortex related data should help you understand the fundamentals of this extreme weather event. Start your research on polar vortexes by scrolling down and reading our 00 polar vortex facts. Following those facts are polar vortex pictures and additional resources. We’re always looking to expand the below educational content on polar vortexes, if you have anything you can share or find inaccurate information, please contact us.

13 Polar Vortex Facts For Kids

  1. The polar vortex is the cold low pressure area that exists near our polar regions.
  2. The term polar vortex is used to describe an event where cold air is pulled down from the polar region.
  3. A polar vortex is caused by the weakening of the polar jet stream, which allows very cold polar air to expand outward.
  4. A polar vortex can bring extremely cold temperatures to geographical areas that normally experience them.
  5. Temperatures can drop well below freezing during a polar vortex and stay that low for several days.
  6. There have been cases where a polar vortex has registered wind chills around -50 °F.
  7. Polar vortexes can create dangerous weather conditions that could be life threatening.
  8. It’s not uncommon for humans to sustain injuries or die from the extreme cold temperatures produced by polar vortex.
  9. A couple of the injuries you sustain during a polar vortex are frostbite and hypothermia.
  10. Polar vortexes can create havoc with infrastructure and man-made buildings.
  11. It’s not uncommon for water pipe to freeze and burst from the extreme cold temperatures produced by polar vortex.
  12. After a polar vortex, large bodies of water and snow start to melt and could create widespread flooding.
  13. Meteorologists can track and predict polar vortex events using GOES-R weather satellites.

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Polar Vortex Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the below images will be helpful for your research on polar vortexes. Below are three pictures of polar vortex conditions. These pictures should help you better understand the extreme cold temperatures produced by polar vortexes.

Chicago, Illinois during a polar vortex.

A picture of Chicago, IL during a polar vortex.

Detroit, Michigan during a polar vortex.

A picture of Detroit, MI during a polar vortex.

Niagara Falls during a polar vortex.

A picture of Niagara Falls during a polar vortex.

Polar Vortex Resources

We hope you found the above polar vortex facts, information, data, and pictures both fun and educational. You can continue to research polar vortexes using one of the below additional resources. They were chosen for their credibility and accuracy; you can trust their information when it comes to polar vortexes. Thank you for choosing Fast Facts for